Who We Are



It all started with a school project and a piece of creativity that sparked the passion. The passion eventually turned into one of the top favorite local bags and accessories in the Philippines, The Adventure. 

Way back 2012, the first bags ever made were stylish mix and match of denim and leather based on a school project theme. Instead of DIY sewing, we got a little bit competitive and hired a skilled tailor that completed the beginning of the adventure. These first bag pieces got sold like hotcakes and seen with a good potential. 

With perfect timing, right mindset, and good luck, the first backpacks were sewn and sold to students during back-to-school season. With the spread of the word from friends, to friends of friends, we eventually entered the malls as a consignee here and there, until we later on opened up our own stand-alone store and brand.

The demand grew more and so as the need for manpower, so we had to expand further and finally came up to establish a brand in 2018.

We went online and reached more customers who turned to love our bags and became loyal to us ever since.  Now, we continue to reach more people who will love our brand through the items that come with it. 

Today, The Adventure is now available on Lazada and Shopee. 



We are determined to promote quality lifestyle fashion by offering the finest local products- from bags, clothing, accessories, to fragrance line. Our mission is to become the top-of-mind local fashion brand for all ages, in all occasions, and in any adventure. Eventually, every local will have an Adventure to wear. 



In every twist and turn of life’s episodes, there is a suitable Adventure to tag along with everyone. Our goal is to inspire everyone in all facets of life's adventures by producing the finest local products there is.